How to Get Your Waistline Into Shape

How to Get Your Waistline Into Shape

If you ask most men and women, one of their top health concerns is to shape and tone the Waistline. Don’t believe this? Go check out Your local gym and see how many people line up to sign up for crunch classes, belly dancing and anything else that promises a slim Waistline as the ultimate objective. One thing to remember is that toning and shaping up the tummy (and anything else for that matter) will take anywhere between two to three weeks before you can see any difference. However, do remember, the waistline is one of the most challenging parts of the body to trim and tone. The good news is if you stick with it, you will surely see the positive results.

There are many of us who want a slimmer waistline because we want to look good. But did you know that the government is worried about the size of our waistlines as several studies have shown that men whose waist measurements are more that 40 inches and women whose waist measurements and more that 35 inches have a greater risk for getting heart disease and stroke. Once you realize the importance of having a slimmer waistline, you will see how vital it is to keep it toned.

How can you shrink your waistline? It all comes down to a two-pronged plan: diet and exercise. These two go hand in hand. What’s the point of spending all your waking hours at the gym exercising, and then eating a greasy burger and fries on the way home? For a fitness program to really work, and for your body to shape up, there has to be proper exercise as well as a controlled proper diet to provide your body with the required energy and nutrients. When slimming the waist, you will go through some fat reduction and this will require lots of exercise. You also need a good diet to fuel your body and to avoid empty calories, which could lead you back to more fat. So you see, to get the ultimate results that you dream about, you need to have discipline to go through the required exercise routine and to stick to a proper diet.

When we talk of diet, we don’t really mean going onto some special diet to see the results. What we mean is to maintain a healthy proper diet which includes lots of vegetables and fresh fruit daily, coupled with the right amount of protein and unsaturated fat. What you can do is to keep a food journal where you jot down all your meals. This will help you see what you’re eating and exactly what goes into your mouth and ultimately your body. This is one powerful way in which you can identify any problem areas and check on your cravings. Another important thing to remember when trying to slim the waistline is to avoid taking too much fiber. Fiber is bulky and will fill up your stomach fast but the bad news is that it can also lead to bloating. If you want a trim toned tummy, avoid fiber unless you take it with lots of water or fresh fruit, which can help it move through the system. Another thing to avoid is sodium because sodium will make your body retain water. Did you know that the typical adult diet has more than 3500 mg of sodium, which is over a thousand more milligrams than the recommended daily intake? That is why most people who are serious about their diet will cut back on their sodium intake, and it’s not just to avoid the bloating but also to lower the risk of high blood pressure and kidney related diseases.

Ok, so now that you’re eating healthily and keeping a journal to track you daily food intake. So what’s next? We’re glad you asked. Now it’s time for your cardiovascular exercise. You will need to choose exercises that are for toning your tummy. Before you can tone however, you need to reduce that fatty middle of yours. Some great activities that you can do to lose weight include swimming, brisk walking, and interval training. Swimming comes highly recommended as it is one of the highest calorie-burning activities thanks to the way the water supports your body. When swimming, your muscles do not have to split the attention between moving you forward and keeping your body upright at the same time. Your muscles will burn up more calories in propelling you to cut across the water. Swimming is also a great activity as when your body is in water, you will need a greater effort to push against it and to move forward. This means that you will need a greater effort from your muscles, thus burning off a larger amount of calories and ultimately fat.

Brisk walking is also good to burn up your calories. What you can do however, instead of just walking on a flat surface, is to challenge your muscles by walking through hilly areas. It’s the same as using the treadmill; all you need to do is to adjust the incline throughout your workout so that you can not only strengthen and tone your tummy but also other parts of your body. Now you can also include arm movements which will get your heartbeat racing and fire up your metabolism, thus burning of more calories in the process. Another activity that you can try is interval training, which can be incorporated into your brisk walking routine. This will burn a great amount of calories in the process. You can do it anywhere, whether at the gym or on the street. Just make sure you have your strength training equipment with you so that switching from cardio to strength training is a breeze.

In getting the waistline that you’ve dreamed off, burning off your tummy fat is half the battle. Once you are steadily burning off your fatty tummy, you can start on toning exercises so that your waistline will look great. You would think that sit-ups are the answer, but they don’t really help you tone your waistline. All you need is a hula hoop, and we’re not kidding. Or you could sign up for a waistline-focused class at your local gym. Or if you’re up to it, belly dancing is a great alternative! It helps slim your sides and also burn a sizeable amount of calories, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it can take over your regular cardio workout. Once you’ve got all your bases covered – diet, exercise and toning – your journey towards a slimmer trimmer waistline will be shorter than you think. Good luck!



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