How can adding chain food facilites such as taco bell be positive for high school?

How can adding chain food facilites such as taco bell be positive for high school?

How can adding chain food facilites such as taco bell be positive for high school?

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Have you ever desired to change things about your high school? Have you ever thought about what was most important to you? If I could change one thing about my school, it would have to do with the lunches. It would be better to have several different on-site commercial food alternatives such as McDonalds, Subway, or Panda Express. This would allow student to have a wider variety to choose from and it would generate additional revenue for the school.

Lunch currently consists of the same things everyday. Although it is not bad, there are not enough choices, causing students to stop purchasing school lunches. In a situation where a student is currently dieting or trying to eat healthier, the cafeteria can make it difficult. When it comes to nutrition, the schools cafeteria is lacking tremendously. With the addition of commercial eateries, students in those situations could pick up a sandwich or another nutritional snack. A facility like McDonalds is more often visited for the taste but because it has such great variety, people who are dieting can also find options. They offer salads as well as burgers! You can also get a patty less bun, which serves as a healthier snack.

These days you find more and more students bringing their lunch to school, or are just waiting until they get home to eat. The incorporation of familiar eating establishments in school will entice students to eat on campus. More students would want to eat lunch, knowing that they will be able to find one of their favorite meals. At our school they rotate between three to five different types of meals and most of the time we get served the same thing.

Some people might disagree with this proposal because of cost concern or the idea of chain restaurant food being unhealthy. On the contrary, since the sites would belong to the school, they can control the portion sizes given to the children. They could also make rules of seconds, and how much you can buy at a time. The additional cost would be re-coped to fold with the profits generated from food sells. This can also lead to having extra money, which will end up providing the school with more extra curricular activities and sports.

In conclusion, I think that it will be better for our school to have on-site commercial food facilities. This will benefit the students by providing them with more food alternatives, and opportunity to have a nutritious lunch. Also the installation of these facilities can end up increasing lunch sales. This can cause an over flow of money, which may allow us to have more extra curricular activities and go on more field trips. I think having these on site facilities can benefit our high school in many ways.

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Ughh. . . I don’t think it works that way, it’s not nutritious at all and schools shouldn’t allow it.

That would be a dumb idea to have chain restaurants in schools. There are enough people in schools as it is with weight problems and something like this would just add to it. Assuming this is just an essay, it’s just not a good idea.

I think it would be a fantastic idea ! Students at my school are always complaining about not haveing much of a variety of food sources ! That is an excellent idea ! This way studen’ts can get what they want for lunch everyday !

I appreciate your argument but to be honest I don’t think allowing students to eat fast food every single day is a good idea. School lunches are unhealthy enough as it is. When I was in high school we had terribly unhealthy food. Mini tacos, mozzarella sticks, chicken strips, burgers, fries, pizza, and the salad bar was basically lettuce with ranch dressing. Fast food everyday is a step in the wrong direction. I think schools need to have better variety but healthy choices and get rid of the crap. If the kids bring their own food from home it would probably be better. I don’t think the concentration should be on making the schools money but to make the kids healthy.

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