Young Living's 2006 Grand Convention

Young Living's 2006 Grand Convention

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Well after a long couple of days, I am finally getting myself online. Yesterday was the official start of the convention and they kept us busy!!

Dave Sterling, our COO, started off by presenting Young Living''s new look and I love it!! It''s very simple and natural-looking. He reiterated the fact that Young Living is and always has been a product-driven company. We will remain the best in the industry because of YL''s commitment to the highest quality, most absorbable, and most therapeutic products on the market - and we have the research to back it up!

Some quick highlights:
Gary Young spoke at length about what is going on in Ecuador. The clinic is set to open November 1st. He has been using the oils during surgeries and patients are healing 30-40% faster. He has also come up with a formula that offers post surgery pain-relief. The formula works so well that patients are not taking ANY medications!!

GLF - our gallbladder, liver flush blend has been documented as the ONLY natural modality to dissolve gallstones. wow.

Eucalyptus in Ecuador is found to be 10x stronger than anywhere else in the world. And, you guessed it, he is going to make it available to us hopefully sometime this year.

Over 1600 aromatic plants are in Ecuador and yet only 200 have been identified. Dr. Young is working with teams of botanists, scientists, medical doctors, and shaman to find these plants and research their medicinal effects. We are the only company IN THE WORLD doing this. In fact, he said that even scientists that have gone to Ecuador to study the plant life had never actually gone into the jungles. They go to the universities and take other people''s research and publish it as their own. The local scientists were surprised that someone actually wanted to go into the jungles and study the plants themselves!

Cistus and Helichrysum are natural hemostats - they stop bleeding almost immediately.

Dr. Young encouraged everyone to use the oils even if you don''t know which to use in a given situation. He said that you cannot pick a wrong oil. You may not pick the BEST oil but you cannot pick the wrong oil.

First Aid Kit - Cistus, Oregano, Thieves, Essential 7, Helichrysum, Sandalwood.

Inflammation - Palo Santo, oregano, orange, balsam fir, frankincense, lavender

Pain - valerian, helichyrsum, clove, peppermint mixed together

Fever - peppermint applied to the bottom of the feet and back of neck

Dr. Edward Close spoke about mold.
More than 50% of homes in the US and Canada have mold resulting in 50-100% increase in respiratory symptoms. He gave a list of all the physical symptoms that mold can cause. WOW. The good news is that our very own Thieves is the ONLY substance documented by the Environmental Protection Agency to KILL mold. Everyone needs the Thieves product line!

Dr. Carol Wilson, PhD, spoke a lot about the statistics of prescrition drug use and adverse effects (not just side effects). The stats are absolutely alarming. Just a couple of examples: After 2 weeks of taking the Tylenol daily, 40% of patients had abnormal test results. And to think that most people think of Tylenol as being very safe. So safe that many give it to their babies!

Using the drug and surgical model for chronic problems causes 1 in 3 deaths - more than any disease alone!

The US spends more money on healthcare than any other country in the world. Yet we rank #37 in actual healthcare. Hmmm....

And to think that we have options that people are not using or are not aware of!

Doug Corrigan spoke of Ningxia Red - one of the most amazing products on the market. Been shown to lower cholesterol, neutralize the free radicals responsible for heart disease and other cellular damage, increases energy, yada, yada. What was amazing to me was that every 45.2 seconds someone in America dies from a heart attack. $12.9 billion is spent every year on Lipitor, yet for every point decrease in serum cholesterol, there was a 36% increase in the risk of death within 3 years. Yikes!

The American Heart Association and the New England Journal of Medicine said that free radicals in blood cause oxidized cholesterol which is what causes heart disease. Wouldn''t it make sense to neutralize these free radicals??


Ok. Here''s what you have been waiting for... NEW PRODUCTS!!!

Palo Santo essential oil - great anti-inflammatory

Omega Blue - balanced omega 3,6 fatty acid blend that releases in the small intestine for better absorption and no fishy taste

Longevity - new formula, strong anti-oxidant that also dissolves in the small intestine

Balance Complete - complete fiber supplement using multiple fiber sources plus complete enzymes. Helps control weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

Pure Protein Complete - for all you protein fanatics! Supports weight loss, curbs appetite, sustains energy, enhances enzyme activity, strengthens immunity, and builds lean muscle mass.

Digest + Cleanse - ideal for those suffering from bowel discomfort and occasional, minor digestive upsets. The combination of oils can help prevent occasional indigestion and abdominal pain.

Essential Beauty Serums - for dry skin, oily skin, and an acne formula

They have also come up with new cleansing programs that we will talk about at the October 18th meeting at the Huntington Hilton.

Have a great day everyone! We are off to todays break-out sessions.

Jihan :-)

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Sep 29, 2006
3:35 PM
Hello again!
Day 2 of convention was great! It started off with a woman, Jackie Pflug, who talked about the courage to succeed. Jackie was on a plane in 1985 that got hijacked. She was shot at point blank range in the head and left to die on the runway for 5 hours before she was found and taken to the hospital. She miraculously survived and tells her story about how she turned trauma into triumph. This woman is incredible. She has a book (of course I can''t remember the name) and I recommend everyone reading it. She truly had the COURAGE to succeed in the face of unbelieveable adversity!

After she spoke went into break-out sessions.


Gary Young spoke about the history of the company and the distillation process. You would not believe how much goes into getting us these oils! I am that much more grateful to Gary Young and this company. In a nutshell, don''t settle for less, we have the REAL DEAL!

Quick Fact: as of this year, Young Living produces the largest amount of Melissa in the world.

Vicki Opfer talked about how Exodus pills has worked wonders for her family when they have a cold or other illness.

1 drop of our peppermint = 28 cups of peppermint tea
Peppermint is great for digestive upset as well as headaches, muscle tension, fevers, cramps and bad breath.

The National Library of Medicine has over 4000 research articles on essential oils. wow!

10ml of tangerine daily has been shown to not only stop cancer but also regress it because of it high limonene content.

Other companies try to maximize yield, Young Living maximizes HEALTH BENEFITS!

4 oils to use daily to help you feel good and get off anti-depressants:

1. Valor - on wrists
2. Harmony - on solar plexus (above belly button)
3. Joy - over heart
4. White Angelica - rub in hands and brush down body

Asthma - R.C. and raven
Clarity of thought - Clarity, frankincense
Thyroid - EndoFlex

Apply oils where you would like them to work or on the bottoms of your feet. Do not be afraid to use your oils!

Young Living was the first company in the world to infuse essential oils into dietary supplements

Marcella Vonn Harting and Don Clair talked about Ningxia Red. Get this.... to get the benefits of 1 oz. of Ningxia Red you would need to have:
4lbs carrots, 8 oranges, 2qts of carrot juice, 1 pint of orange juice, 2lbs of raw beets, 2 cups of beet juice, 3 cups of blueberries, and 2 cups of rasberries.

How crazy is that?!?!?

They said that it takes 180 days to regenerate our liver. Therefore we should start out taking 4-5oz of Ningxia DAILY for six months and then we can take 1-2oz daily after that. This is to maximize the benefits.

They used a car analogy: When you go to fill up your car with gas, do you only stop for one gallon? How far would you get if you only stopped for one gallon? They said Ningxia is like our fuel. We need to fill ourselves up with good fuel to run better.

So get that 4-pack of Ningxia Red autoship going! I have done this for many months and it has made a HUGE difference for me. Besides the energy increase, my cholesterol dropped 36 points in 6 weeks without making any dietary or exercise changes. This stuff simply works.

Disclaimer: :-D Please don''t take the above to mean that you can have a bad diet and not exercise and just take Ningxia Red. You all know how I feel about that! :-D

The last breakout session I went to was with the corporate team to find out what new things are happening.
First off, they have come up with flash cards, a DVD, and talking points to help us better explain this company and products - FINALLY. This is available to us now and will probably be on the website soon if it''s not already.

They are also going to be doing more regional meetings that you all MUST make an effort to go to. These meetings are PACKED with great information. The next meeting in our area will be on October 23rd in Newark, NJ. It is a post-convention follow-up sposored by the corporate office.

With our new look comes new business cards, stationary, banners, letterhead, etc. Go to Alexander''s Printing in the Virtual Office under Distributor Resources. Even if you are not interested in creating financial success through Young Living, I would still suggest making the tiny investment into business cards. Those of us who use the products love them and tend to tell others about them. Having a card makes it very easy for the person you are sharing the products with to know how to get them for themselves.

Ciao for now!

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Sep 29, 2006
4:05 PM
Day Three - Young Living Farm Day

Oh my goodness. You cannot have any concept of this unless you see for yourself. Right now I would like everyone to make it a goal to be at next year''s convention. No excuses. I don''t care if you are interested in the products or business or both but you need to see this all for yourself!

First off, you would not believe how much plant material goes into one bottle of oil - all organic, all pure, no cheating. I am BLOWN AWAY by how much this company has invested in quality. Blown away.

The farm is beautiful. From the fields to the distillary to the herb garden, lavender labyrinth, medieval village with jousting arena, old west village, animals, shop..... you name it. Everywhere you walk, you stumble upon lavender, clary sage, peppermint, chamomile, spearmint, goldenrod, hyssop, thyme.... all available to pick and smell and enjoy the fragrant air. We had a blast! We took a horse ride around the farm, walked the labyrinth, tried archery, went on a paddleboat, toured the gardens and distillery, checked out the greenhouses and the test fields, and watched a jousting tournament (Dr. Young was one of the knights!). Gary Young even demonstrated the Raindrop Technique on a horse and reminded everyone that our oils can be used on all animals. Check the EDR for more information.

Something I found very interesting. The farm has a field called "Research Row" where they test all sorts of plants before they go in the fields on a large scale. They test for climate, soil, insect control (only natural), and quality of oil after distillation. Nothing is planted on a wide scale and distilled unless it meets all the highest standards after being in Research Row. Once again, I was VERY impressed at how much goes into the quality of our oils. It is very clear to me now why our products are unmatched in the healthcare industry.

Tomorrow we are back to the general sessions, where some of the topics include how to overcome depression, how to create an authentic life balance, what oils and products work against MRSA, and how to rid the body of disease-causing inflammation. We finish the convention tomorrow evening with an Extravaganza Celebration and then home on Sunday!

Make sure you come to the October 18th Product Training meeting at the Huntington Hilton to receive more information and updates!

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Sep 30, 2006
12:01 AM
Danielle''s 2006 YL Grand Convention Perspective!!!!!!

I have THREE Words.......

A HEALING JOURNEY - What does this mean?

When I first came into this company, I did so for many reasons:

-it sounded interesting
-its all about natural health, which I am devoted to
-I wanted an independent business opportunity
-the oils were intriguing.......

But, mainly for me it has been about healing since day 1.

Coming to this Convention was no coincidence for me, especially as I believe there are absolutely NO COINCIDENCES at all. Presently, I am on the edge of a serious revolutionary life-altering journey. This involves many ailments I have and have allowed myself to continue to suffer with for years. Meeting Jihan as you all know, again was no coincidence, I asked god for guidance, and as in perfect divine order, it was sent to me. What I do with this guidance is now up to me.

For me, Young Living is a very personal and sacred symbol for which I now will always treasure as being a HUGE part of my growth stage. Being here this week, and hearing these amazing speakers, especially Gary Young, and just seeing the work and effort and LOVE that went into all of it, just melts my heart.

Not only has Young Living been feeding over 3,000 people with a gourmet, catered, extremely healthy meal everyday this week, but they also went the extra mile to provide an abundance of gourmet desserts which are all made with essential oils and no processed sugar as is the food, and just looking around I am still processing everything.

There is a Young Living Spa as well where you can get many different massage treatments by therapists who use the oils all for $20 to start, and if that wasn''t enough they provide you with a gift as you leave the spa.

So, as Jihan mentioned in her posting, we saw a meeting where Marcella Von Harting spoke, called "The Art of Creating Abundance and Wealth", and you read Jihan''s stats about the NingXia, well I have severe psoriasis and Chronic Fatigue, and I have been taking maybe 2oz. of NingXia per day at best, and have been wondering why I am not feeling much of a difference, even on the surface (we all know DIET is a HUGE reason why people get and stay sick), but not only did I go away from this very inspirational and motivating meeting with an even better knowledge and perspective on Young Living''s business plan and how I VERY EASILY can make money if that is my goal, but I came away with an even better, more simple resolution, and a new health goal to start with.

Marcella mentioned, starting on at least 4-5 oz. of NingXia red per day for 6 MONTHS! This is the minimum to actually feel the difference. Do you know why she said this with such confidence???? Because it WORKS! She has seen and experiencd this very thing over and over again, and when giving someone a timeline, it makes it much easier. I now know, what my top priority is with Young Living at least........go home and start on my 4-5 oz. of NingXia everyday for AT LEAST 6 months. I can tell you honestly, I certainly have not been doing this faithfully. especially for a person like myself who has a lot of built up toxins, it is essential for me to go radical and start nipping this in the bud and flooding my system with the most COMPLETE and HIGHEST QUALITY nutrient infusion & free radical destroyer on the market today. As I say this, I realize just how lucky I am to be a part of this, and to think there are people in the world who still DON"T know about NingXia Red. PLEASE GO IMMEDIATELY TELL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS....start guzzlin!

Simply put, from the mouth of Marcella Von Harting, "Miracles Can Happen with NingXia Red"!

One important tip from Vicki Opfer: if you have no idea what to do with an oil, simply apply the oil where you want it to work OR if for any reason you can''t do this, apply to the bottom of the feet, and the power of the oils will take over and travel systemically through your body. So, you see it basically couldn''t be any easier.

WHILE STANDING ON A LONG get into the Expo Store to purchase some groundbreaking information, I overheard a woman tell someone else, "Really, it''s not a big deal, you don''t have to even study up on the oils to know how to use them. Let your intuition guide you, and you''d be amazed just by playing with them, you''ll start to get it, and before long you''ll be an expert by default".

I found this SUPER helpful!

Another good tip from Vicki Opfer:

A great way to start experimenting with these great oils is to purchase ONE kit per month. Young Living puts together these very well-thought out kits, and believe me there is a method to this madness!!!

This is a perfect way to start introducing yourself to the oils, and really feel the benefits. The kits all come with a CD or DVD to help you understand what they are and why they were formulated this way, and also with at least a brief description of the uses for and healing properties of each oil in the kit. This couldn''t be any easier.

By the way, this makes a great autoship order if you are wondering what to get to start with for a couple of months.

Between the kits and NingXia Red, Young Living, in my opinion has done all the work, all we must do is sit back and enjoy the WONDERFUL benefits of top-notch products.


Again, this brings me back to healing.....being at the farm was more touching to me than I anticipated. As I looked around and observed every inch of beautiful, lush green grass (yes grass in the looks better than I have ever seen back EAST) and turning your head to see thousands of people roaming the Young Living family Farm, I can tell you the energy that I felt was like nothing I had ever experienced. We entered the distillery first, and this is where I truly was in awe. I counted 14 very large distilleries, and the fragerance of hyssop filled the air, the greenhouse was fantastic, built well and very well cared for. My favorite was the makeshift garden with such treasures like, cabbage, pumpkin squash, tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, celery, cantaloupe, honeydew, yellow squash, jalapenos, and so much more. I was salivating.....this again brought me to a level which I don''t often go to.

I simply want to just start connecting with nature on a daily basis now, this is essential for healing in a healthy way. The horses were all gorgeous and you saw them everywhere you went. Basically, it was as if on this farm you could imagine it as being an actual population in a perfect WORLD. You could choose to go to a quiet place and just meditate or you could absolutely be where the action was and do whatever it is you enjoy. There was literally something for everyone.

I simply need you to understand that this wasn''t about a field trip, being there is the only way to FEEL the connection. This was FOR US.....the Young Living Customers and Distributors that are faithful and loyal to a company with integrity and a non-duplicatable product line!

So, now at the end of a very long yet tranforming day, I sit and ponder. My journey has essentially just begun as well as recreating itself as I move to new levels in my healing experience.

I now know, that I no longer need to search for the answers as they are within and they start with ME. The theme of Convention this week for Young Living is not about pumping us up and getting us excited about a product, but instead it is about being an example and realizing that No ONE person has the answers, nor does one product, one circumstance, one arrangement, or one decision. Rather, the journey comes from within and i was able to go away with one main conclusion so far from hearing these LEADERS speak and teach, and its based soley on an individual level.

My thoughts for you, the reader are:

Do you feel like you have support?
Do you know enough of the Young Living experience to understand the power of what it stands for as a whole?
Do you want share products and maybe even earn money doing it?

Well, I introduced myself to one woman who was just a sweet woman, and she is from Minnesota. She has been using the oils ONLY on her horse for almost a year with great results, but she is just winging it. She was so sweet, and as we got further into the coversation I saw the look of desperation on her face as she told me she has no support because she does not know who brought her into the company.

I felt for this woman, and she was so passionate about the oils and so eager to learn. I sat and thanked god that I have a wealth of knowledge and resources (including people and information)literally at my fingertips. I felt compelled to give this woman my card because I couldn''t imagine someone actually knowing about the company, but not knowing where to turn.

We cannot let this happen to people. Young Living is a gift to the people of this world! I believe that.

So, if you need help or want to start understanding anything at all, we are ALWAYS HERE TO HELP!

I am so thankful.

I must now sleep, so again my body can continue in its healing process. Thank you everyone for allowing me to share my thoughts and experiences from this week.

Jihan and I will be writing final thoughts as this truly GRAND Convention comes to its closing Saturday!


Peace and Good health to all!


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Sep 30, 2006
10:55 PM
Hey everyone,
Ready for this?


Sept 20th-22nd. We will be able to register after January 2nd. Cost is $175. Start planning now to attend!!!

Highlights from today will be posted hopefully in the next couple days. We just finished convention with the Extravaganza Celebration. Young Living paid for limos to bring all 3,000 of us to and from our hotels! Unbelieveable. Dinner was fabulous. In fact all the meals they served were fabulous. They really outdid themselves at this convention.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next Product Training on October 18th. We will be back in the office on Monday October 2nd.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.
Jihan :-)

John and Jihan Thomas * Young Living Silvers
Independent Distributors
631-412-3272 * YLEO member #750263 *



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