An Epidemic Of Obesity Myths

An Epidemic Of Obesity Myths

an epidemic of obesity myths

Is the obesity ‘epidemic’ just a myth?

While I am not out to defend unhealth eating habits, I can’t help but think that all the hype about soaring Obesity Rates is just a bunch of baloney to help sell exercise equipment, diet fads and make reality tv success.

Reading through the news I hear about how politicians are forcing children into exercise routines, banning so-called ‘bad foods’ at schools, and the constant reminders that we are becoming a fat nation. But when I go out into the real world, the number of fat people I see is not as dramatically high as the media makes it out to be. So I ask, is this really just an inflated scare campaign put out by the media, or a real problem?

It’s not a myth and I believe that you did say that you’ve looked around you so I’ll try to answer the question as best I can.The percentage of people who fall into the overweight category in the US is very high.This depends on the geographic location as some areas are higher than others.The area that you live in may not be one of these.
And yes,slimy and unscrupulous companies in the diet and fitness industry exploit this data to sell oftentimes over priced and ineffective products.Take Bow flex for an example.One of their ads claimed a guy who’s 40 gained 12 lbs of muscle in just a few weeks.That is a preposterous lie and it’s impossible to gain like that especially at that age without drug use.
Products like Hoodia and some others don’t even have any controlled clinical studies to support their claims.
These companies are capitalizing on a pretty significant problem and making millions for selling ineffective products that they haven’t even invested much R&D into.
Many parents have no idea how to eat right themselves so they perpetuate this in their children.So I think legislature on what is made available inschools will help.Chidren are notoriously picky eaters so giving them choices of only healthy foods could at least prompt them to try something healthy.

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Lay off the fatties: they’re not hurting anybody–maybe not even themselves.(Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America’s Obesity Epidemic)(The Diet Myth: … review): An article from: Reason


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