Scalp Pimples - Causes, Prevention and Treatments Of Scalp Acne!

Scalp Pimples - Causes, Prevention and Treatments Of Scalp Acne!

Most people think that pimples can only be seen in the face or the upper part of the body such as the neck and chest. Well this is true in most cases, but in some cases it can also appear in the head which is the topic for today: Scalp Pimples!

Scalp Pimples are can be really hard to deal with especially when you want to retain your hair or being bald for the moment is out of the question. In this article I will Tackle Scalp pimple causes, Prevention and Treatment for your scalp pimples.

Scalp Pimples Causes

There are 3 reason that can cause Scalp Acne those are: Mites, Yeast and Bacteria. The effects of these 3 factors can vary from case to case, some may get scalp pimples and some may not.

Mites – Also called demodicids are tiny 0.4 mm long mites that lives in your hair follicles, people that have oily skin and sue heavy cosmetics have the worst infestation. This mites usually borrows in your follicles and feed on your secretion, this can cause black heads and severe scalp pimples.

Yeast – Candida Infection, this infection can also cause scalp pimples. This can be cause by several factors that only a professional can determine. Scalp Acne can be treated when this infection is removed.

Bacteria – Last but not the least is bacteria, this can be caused by several factors but the most common is unhygienic treatment off the scalp. This can be treated orally if it is too severe or just a simple hygiene regiment. Remember that to avoid scalp Pimples you must preform the proper hygiene regiment.

How to Prevent Scalp Acne?

Well prevention is better than cure I always say, So to prevent Scalp pimples then just follow this Simple Steps:

- Wash your hair regularly and use a shampoo that have Ketoconazole at least once a week, This will ensure that you will have a healthy scalp thus preventing scalp pimples.

- Avoid putting harmful chemicals in you scalp this can cause scalp acne or if you already have them can irritate them and make it worse. If it is not avoidable then I suggest cleaning your hair after you return home. This can help in preventing or helping your scalp acne

- Last but not the least is eating right and avoiding stress, this can contribute alot, some may say that this can be one factor of getting scalp pimples. So just make your body a temple and eat right to help prevent scalp acne.

Tips About Scalp Pimples Treatments

Finally here are some tips that you can use to help treat your scalp pimples;

- Putting Benzoyl Peroxide and using a shampoo that has Ketoconazole for atleast once a week will help your scalp pimples to subside.

- Wash your hair regularly, this will ensure that there are no blockage in your pores and most often can decrease the growth of Scalp acne.

- Reduce stress and eat healthily, this can work wonders some scalp acne are largely cause by not eating right and being stressed. So when done right can help with your scalp pimples

- Taking tetracycline, but I suggest taking to a trusted doctor first. This can GREATLY help clear your scalp pimples but have some side effects that are not really that good. SO BE CAREFUL of taking this drugs!



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