Is ejaculation while sleeping bad?

Is ejaculation while sleeping bad?

QuestionI am 16 years old and I ejaculated while sleeping. I masturbate almost every other day still I ejaculated while I was sleeping. is it any bad for our health?Best AnswerNightfall is the uncontrolled ejaculation of semen during sleep. This is generally caused by sexual arousal and orgasm from dreams. Night fall or nocturnal emission is completely normal for males during teenage and early adult years.

When boys enter puberty, there occur a lot of hormonal changes. These changes can result in spontaneous erections during sleep or, during the day and nocturnal emissions. These are simply a part of normal development.

The exact cause of night discharge is not known. Some individual think that night discharges are the direct result of the stimulation caused by either erotic dreams or memories of waking sexual activities..

However, there has been little experimental evidence to support this theory, and many men claim to have had Night discharge without erotic dreams. Another common theory is that wet dreams are the way the body through away excess of semen, while scientifically it is not proved. Night discharge provides a kind of physiological safety valve for sexual tension.

1. Fatigue 2. Back pain 3. Hair loss 4. Weak erection 5. Premature ejaculation 6. Testicular pain 7. Cramp in pelvic cavity

Natural Treatment for Night Fall Problem

• Get a moderate bath by necessary oils, such as blends with Sandalwood, lavender, Rose, Jasmine, German and Roman chamomile.

• Join 2 tsp of fenugreek foliage juice with 1 tsp of honey. Have this mixture at bed times every day.

• It is sensible to have 3 cups of curd daily for people suffering from need of sleep.

• Join bottle gourd juice and sesame oil in equal parts. Manipulate this combination on the scalp each night.

• On the other hand, ripe leaves of the bottle gourd can be in use as a vegetable. This is as well helpful in curing insomnia.

• Do quiet, calming behaviour such as interpretation books, doing puzzles or drenched in a moderate bath proceeding to bed. Consideration or recreation exercises may assist, too.

• Do quiet, calming behaviour such as interpretation books, doing puzzles or drenched in a moderate bath proceeding to bed. Consideration or recreation exercises may assist too.

Natural Methods and Remedies to Control Nightfall and Night Discharge.

Excessive masturbation may have been the cause of your problems to begin with. Reducing your frequency of sex and masturbation from now on will help to prevent early ejaculation and seminal leakages from reoccurring.

Men who experience weak erections often rely on the tightening of the PC muscles in order to keep the erection alive. This puts added stress on the prostate gland and trains the PC muscles to contract, mimicking a state of orgasm that will open the ejaculation valve prematurely, allowing semen to leak.

A regular course of these powerful natural, medicines is capable of eradicating the side effects of excessive masturbation and strengthens whole euro-genital system to cure precum problem. Increase water intake and have nutritional homemade meals.

We know by improving the quality of a man''s erection, feeding the tissues and nerves with nutrients and hormones, and strengthening the ejaculate value, a man can overcome seminal leakage and no doubt conquer other sexual problems associated with leaking precum.Other AnswerNo its not bad also after you are married if you have sex everyday nothing happens,masturbation and having sex both are same thing,don''t listen to those who give time table like you should be once in a month and all other BS,they are usually women or religious nuts,you can do it everyday.There is a lot of sexual energy there and this is normal and not a problem to ejaculate while sleeping. It does not affect your health at all and is your bodys way of letting off some energy and it is normalbut be aware

once in a week or once in (10days) is enough,.

u can ask a family doctor also.

for very confirmed infomationnormal human bodily behavior it will normalize when u get older, its called growing pains.At your age it''s normal.Nono.. it is normal!! don''t worry..Tagssleeping while ejaculation

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