2010  October  Mystery Health Secret Blog

2010 October Mystery Health Secret Blog

Identify Autistic Signs At An Early Age

No parent wants to contemplate that their child may be suffering from autism, a devastating developmental disorder that is anticipated to affect more than one in 150 children in the United States alone. The affliction is thought to affect children from birth or the very first few months of life, and typically results in an [...]

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How Lance Armstrong has Helped so Many Athletes and Cancer Survivors with His Story

It has been a few years since Lance Armstrong won his record breaking 7th Tour de France in consecutive years . He retired from professional cycling but it lured him back this past week where he competed in the Tour de France once again. He did not win but placed third behind a winner who [...]

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There’s nothing unheard of about bipolar disorder treatment. Before men of drugs even understood what it was, they were already treating it. Yet each year new medications and methodologies are added to the bipolar disorder treatment. Though first recognized in the second century A.D, bipolar disorder has fought as a diagnosis to get accepted. As [...]

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6 Reasons It Pays to Be Happy

What makes you happy? What makes you feel over the moon with joy? Even if it’s something really materialistic, like shopping for personalized cufflinks or a personalized zippo, don’t be ashamed to ‘fess up and pursue your happy pill anyway. Happiness is amazing, and its’ own reason for being. Here are 6 incredible facts about [...]

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Healing reiki — Can science prove it heals?

Healing reiki, systems like WhiteLight Self-Empowerment, and the Healing Grid are used when pure efforts of the mind are undertaken by practitioners with the intention of improving the physical or emotional health of another. Through the power of thought the energy is channeled. Many various forms of healing reiki are widely practiced everywhere around the [...]

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Why Alternative Medicine is Finally Becoming a More Used and Accepted Practice in the US

When most Americans think of medicine they think of visiting the family doctor when they are sick and then sometimes being prescribed a medicine for whatever is making them sick . This is changing and the medicinal benefits from Eastern therapies are now being used more widely in this country. holistic nutrition and therapies , [...]

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Yoga Poses For Weight Loss. Helpful Points to Remember

Yoga is a great way to lose weight and keep your body in shape. Here are a few of the most helpful types of yoga asanas to help you achieve your weight-loss goal. Not only this, but a few tips-and-tricks to coincide with your yoga lessons. All to help in building a healthier and happier [...]

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